Welcome to the Stage Stop Cafe At Cheyenne Crossing!

Cheyenne Crossing has been a landmark since 1878, when the Deadwood-Cheyenne stagecoach stopped here on its regular route to and from Cheyenne, Wyoming and Deadwood, South Dakota until 1885.

Sometime in the early 1930's, a cafe was added to the back of the store.  A spring-fed stream ran through the building forming several pools and waterfalls.  With year-round spring-water temperatures from 32 to 35 degrees, these pools were an ideal chilling spot for sodas, beer and dairy products.  The original building was located across the street from the current site.  Fire destroyed the store in 1959 and the new, larger facility opened on the current site in 1960.  Today the current proprietors carry on the tradition of old-fashioned western hospitality and down home cooking in the quaint country setting.